Designer, antique collector, explorer: it isn’t easy to define Giuliana Cella. Citizen of the world, this stylist is all of the above and more where her boundless artistic sensitivity and reminiscence of far-away cultures inspire contemporary European “Pret-scious” collections. Initiating from jewelry, Giuliana Cella rapidly moves into women’s wear employing exquisite and rare fabrics that blend the past with the present to create innovative unique fashion collectables and emblematic accessories such as “Bike Couture” (helmets with Ashanti antique fabrics), “PashMen” (pashmina underwear for Gents) and “Ethno-Techno” (a line for techies using “A Thousand and One Night” textiles).


Described by the authoritative Financial Times as the “queen of ethno-chic”, Giuliana Cella started exploring in the 90’s, alternative locations and spaces to the usual fashion-show venues. Combining art, music, theatre and literature, she has brought her collections to superlative locations such as Bar Jamaica – the historical meeting point of Brera’s artists – Sotheby’s auction house, renowned museums and palaces, editorial offices and even Milan’s Chamber of Commerce.

1994/2017: from European Parliament to Moscow.

In addition to the international jet set, Giuliana Cella’s Pret-scious collections have earned the approval of a culturally elite society including editor Leonardo Mondadori, writer Alicia McKenzie, artist Emilio Tadini, music-icon Ornella Vanoni and actress Franca Rame, to name a fewAs acknowledgement of Giuliana Cella’s first decade of exceptional design, her work was celebrated by a retrospective exhibition in Brussels’ European Parliament. In occurrence of the designer’s 20′s anniversary, a special event is scheduled in Moscow in 2014 to mark the occasion.