Helmet by Giuliana

The helmet will become compulsory for motorbikes and Giuliana Cella has designed a new version, personalising it with rare textiles.

For the rigid crown of this accessory the designer has prepared six covers made of Rajastan brocade, Ashanti strips, Punjab embroidery, antique Benares saris, Bhatinda phulkari and Indonesian silk batik.

But everyone can personalise their helmet with whatever fabrics they like. Starting at 200 thousand Lire to 2 million Lire. To emphasise the eclecticism of this object, still untouched by fashion, and its surface, which offers so much scope for imagination, the designer has even created a bridal helmet. Naturally with a Kerala veil in true Cella style.

“I had fun – explains Giuliana Cella – turning an indispensable but unattractive object into something with a fancy, historic and handcrafted look.

In my imagination, inspired by Indian princes, I tried to transform this prosaic everyday object into an enchanted turban. Because I love beauty even in the must functional objects. And I like technology to have a more human look.”