Giuliana Cella’s capsule collections of collectables include fashion couture, memorabilia, jewels, accessories, antiques and experimentations. From her “off the beaten track” manner of developing and showcasing collections, in contrast with traditional Fashion protocol, Giuliana Cella invariably seeks venues that reflect her extemporary emotions and intuitions.

1994  Reptile house: a collection of snake-like jewels (diamonds, antique corals, etc). 

1995 Navaratna: evening dress collection inspired by the famous nine-stone Indian necklace: embroidery of precious stones inside and outside brocade, with astrological inscriptions.

1997 Rajasthan: Maharani brocade and embroidery performed at the Grand Hotel Et de Milan, Giuseppe Verdi salon.

1998 Punjab: Phulkari and Bagh antique shawls.

Cinder and Diamond:  interpretation of 12th Century Fox’s Cinderella dress, exhibited at the Biennale della Moda in Florence.

Silk décovelvet and silk patchwork, hand painted art deco design.

1999 Greta Garbo: Reinterpretation of Greta Garbo’s dressing gown (white with star fish). Introduced by Emilio Tadini, this collection was shown at Milan’s Casa della Cultura, the historic location that hosted celebrities such as Brecht and Sartre.

Dresses for Ornella Vanoni’s performance at the Sanremo Festival: Important paisley embroidery and Ikat silks.

Ikat Collection: Developed using antique Ikat fabrics from central Asian countries exhibited at Lavinia Borromeo – Ornella Vannoni’s home.

2000  Ashanti: Checked and striped fabrics from an Ashanti ethnic group, woven on a very small loom. Tuareg jewels. Biker couture helmets covered with tribal fabrics. Collection shown in the Vittorio Salon of the “Camera del Lavoro” with a special performance by Franca Rame.

Gold Dustcollection of valuables and gold dust displayed in L’Unita’s editorial offices in Milan.

Multi-purpose ethnic uniforms:  developed for the staff of the Vittoriale di Gabriele D’Annunzio open-air theater.

Gold, Silk and Myrrh: Antique gold Benarece organza and myrrh hand-painted silks. Fashion show held in the new Via Borgonuovo space with introduction by Gae Aulenti. 

Homage to Cuba: Launch of tailor-made men’s guayabera. 

2001 PashMen: Launch of the first pashmina collection for men.

Special white pashmina for Pope Woytila. given to the Pope during the fashion jubilee.

Techno-platoc: Collection inspired by early 19th century Russia, presented at Sotheby’s auction house with set decor by Franco Zeffirelli and paintings having belonged to Catherine the Great. Testimonial – Afef

Pashmina Underwear.

Bauhaus: chiffon silk printed with pattern from German Bauhaus laboratory by Gunda Stölz, Paul Klee’s pupil.

At museum Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan. Testimonial – Beatrice Borromeo.

2002 Arlesienne: A tribute to a European-ethic group. Tie silk twill of the ‘20s to launch an easy-to-buy Daily Couture Collection – Palazzo Bocconi,  Milan.

Reggae Couture: Homage to Jamaica with dreadlock silk trimmings and hand-painted couture sneakers. Venue: Bar Jamaica in Brera, Milan. Testimonial: Jamaican author Alicia Mc Kenzie.

2003 Eleonora Duse: revision and rework of the Divine Actress’ wardrobe using Liberty cut-velvet unique piece, easy to wear.

Torchstone: torchon necklace made of old brocade and precious stones created for VOGUE’s  I gioielli degli stilisti itinerant exhibition – Milan.

1994-2004:  Brussel’s European Parliament opened its doors to fashion for the first time hosting a significant retrospective exhibition in honor of the designer’s ten-year career. Testimonials:  Lavinia Borromeo e Rosalinda Celentano.  Fashion show dedicated to Mongolia with gold and bronze embroidered cashmere coats.

2005 Batik:  Cotton and silk Batik Collection from south-east Asia. Collection presentation and exhibition of rare antique batiks. Show room Giuliana Cella, Milan.

2006  The thousand and one nights: Syrian golden damasks, Syrian bridal dresses, cross-stitched and begs with glass beads.

2007 Ethno-techno: Kimono with smartphone pockets. Brocade smartphone cases.

2008 Afro-American: Tribute to Michelle Obama. African ethno-fabrics lined with wool drapés.

2009 Cinet: China and Tibet. Mandarin silks and Tibetan bridal veils.

2012 CinAfrica: Contamination between China and Africa organized by “International Herald Tribune” and Susy Menkes.